Changes To Rules Where Refugees Must Claim Asylum

The asylum rules telling refugees to register within the 1st European country they enter are looking likely to be abolished beneath a very drastic revision of EU’s asylum system.

Part of the Dublin regulation, has been quite noticeably ignored during the continuing migrant crisis within which 1,000,000 refugees have streamed into Europe since it began.

The urgent move for reform, which was reported in the Financial Times, comes after Greece recently came under scrutiny for failing to set up basic facilities for refugees when they claimed asylum.

The changes may additionally mean that the UK could find it much tougher to send refugees back to neighboring EU states as proposed by the UK Government. This could also lead to trouble for David Cameron as he attempts to pull the UK out of the EU. In the campaign to keep Britain in the EU. One of the now more topical arguments looks towards the Dublin laws which allows the UK to deport asylum seekers to other countries if the first country they arrived in was not the UK.

20th January 2016

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