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Legal update for week 23rd August 2018 to 29th August 2018

29/8/18 New information note CPIN Nigeria: medical and healthcare issues 29/8/18 Updated list Register of licensed sponsors: students 28/8/18 New …Read More

Profile PhotoAgneteAug 30,18

UK Government’s Preparation for a No Deal Brexit Scenario

On Thursday 24th August 2018 the UK Government published the first 24 technical notes of guidance of how to prepare …Read More

Profile PhotoJane AspdenAug 29,18

Legal update for week 16th August 2018 to 22nd August 2018

22/8/18 Windrush scheme casework guidance  updated with clarifications, scope of application, added details of the internal review process; Windrush scheme and …Read More

Profile PhotoAgneteAug 22,18

Legal update for week 9th August 2018 to 15th August 2018

15/8/18 Guidance Australia: apply for a UK visa & New Zealand: apply for a UK visa update re: armed forces …Read More

Profile PhotoAgneteAug 16,18

Legal update for week 2nd August 2018 to 8th August 2018

7/8/18 Updated list Register of licensed sponsors: students 7/8/18 Updated lists England: nationality document return service and European passport return …Read More

Profile PhotoAgneteAug 8,18

Legal update for week 26th July 2018 to 1st August 2018

1/8/18 Updated list Register of licensed sponsors: students 1/8/18 Updated guidance Apply for a UK visa in NZ Auckland address …Read More

Profile PhotoAgneteAug 2,18

Legal update for week 19th July 2018 to 25th July 2018

25/7/18 Alheto C-585/16 re international- and subsidiary protection for 3rd country nationals in the EU regarding a refusal of an …Read More

Profile PhotoAgneteJul 26,18

Statement of Changes CM9675 of 20/7/18 – Appendix EU – status for EU nationals and their families

The statement of changes to the Immigration Rules CM9675 of 20/7/18 contains new Appendix EU to be added to the …Read More

Profile PhotoAgneteJul 23,18

Legal update for week 12 July 2018 to 18 July 2018

18/7/18 R (app of K, a child) 2018 EWHC 1834 (Admin) judge declares incompatibility under 4(2) HRA 1998 of s50(9A) …Read More

Profile PhotoAgneteJul 19,18

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