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Legal update for week 3rd January 2019 to 9th January 2019

9/1/19 Updated lists Register of licensed sponsors: workers ; Register of licensed sponsors: students 8/1/19 News story New asylum accommodation …Read More

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Exceptional Talent Visa Opens Up New Opportunities For Overseas Architects Post-Brexit

Three months to go until Brexit and the UK remains in a chaotic state of uncertainty. One industry that can’t …Read More

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Legal update for weeks 20th December 2018 to 2nd January 2019

2/1/19 Article Updated practice directions released for the Immigration and Asylum Chambers 2/1/19 Updated form Notification of change of circumstances: form …Read More

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Mastering Immigration Law Subscription Updates November 2018

We hope you are all having a wonderful time during the festive season, our HJT research team has finalized all …Read More

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Legal update for week 13th December 2018 to 19th December 2018

19/12/18 Shmatko v The Russian Federation 2018 EWHC 3534 (Admin) successful extradition appeal on Art 3 prison condition grounds 19/12/18 …Read More

Profile PhotoAgneteDec 20,18

Legal update for week 6th December 2018 to 12th December 2018

12/12/18 New guidance Management and security of night state on the period in which detainees in detention centres are limited …Read More

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Legal update for week 29th November 2018 to 5th December 2018

5/12/18 News story Chief Inspector publishes latest country of origin information report review of Home Office country information on the …Read More

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Legal update for week 22nd November 2018 to 28th November 2018

28/11/18 EU Settlement Scheme: application processing times current expected processing times for the second phase of the pilot running until …Read More

Profile PhotoAgneteNov 28,18

Legal update for week 15th November 2018 to 21st November 2018

21/11/18 New CPIN added CPIN Namibia: Sexual orientation and gender identity and expression 21/11/18 Migration Advisory Committee Responses to consultation …Read More

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