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Changes To Rules Where Refugees Must Claim Asylum

The asylum rules telling refugees to register within the 1st European country they enter are looking likely to be abolished beneath a very …Read More

Profile PhotoHJT TrainingJan 20,16

Government response to the review into welfare of Immigration detainees

Following the long awaited publication of the “Review into the Welfare in Detention of Vulnerable Persons” conducted by Stephen Shaw, …Read More

Profile PhotoHJT TrainingJan 15,16

Review of the Year

HJT delivered over 100 events in 2015 and this year’s Judicial Review conference was one of our most successful yet! …Read More

Profile PhotoHJT TrainingDec 22,15

UK Government delivers on pledge to bring 1000 Syrian Refugees to the UK

David Cameron recently promised that, by Christmas 2015, he would aim to resettle 1000 refugees here in the UK. This …Read More

Profile PhotoHJT TrainingDec 17,15

Supreme Court confirms Spouse English Language Requirements

The Supreme Court today upheld the English Language requirement for Spouses ruling that article eight of the ECHR is not …Read More

Profile PhotoHJT TrainingNov 18,15

Respect For Refugees

Here at HJT we are a diverse group of individuals, a team who’s cultural backgrounds stem from many countries all …Read More

Profile PhotoHJT TrainingNov 13,15

October Reforms 2015

HJT Training was first set up with a view to supporting solicitors and caseworkers in the path to accreditation and …Read More

Profile PhotoHJT TrainingOct 23,15

Detailed Advice Letters

Once you have established the basic relationship with the client, you need to ensure that you keep an adequate record …Read More

Profile PhotoHJT TrainingOct 23,15

Fee Structure

As barristers cannot receive payment on account for services rendered, it is only possible to charge a fee for the …Read More

Profile PhotoHJT TrainingOct 23,15

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