Key Dates to Home Office Reforms 2024


Key Dates to Home Office Reforms 2024

Mark your calendars—major immigration reforms rollout!  

The Home Office recently published a statement detailing launch dates for significant changes to the Skilled Worker and Partner routes.
Combined with other recent policy announcements, an action-packed schedule of revisions to the UK immigration system, which will unfold over the next 12 months. 


February 2024 The Migration Advisory Committee will publish its rapid review findings on the new Immigration Salary List, which will replace the existing Shortage Occupation List used for the Skilled Worker visa.

6 February 2024 Increment to the Immigration Health Surcharge

  • £776 for Students, Student dependants and Youth Mobility Scheme applicants
  • £1,035 for all other non-exempt applicants for limited immigration permission, including main applicants in work routes.

13 February 2024 Civil penalty for illegal working rises  with maximum up to £60,000

19 February 2024 New Immigration Rules effective that will prohibit spouses and children from accompanying Carers and Senior Carers to the UK as dependants under the Skilled Worker visa.

MARCH 2024

March 2024 Sponsor Guidance to be amended, which will mandate that care home sponsors must be registered with the Care Quality Commission in order to sponsor Carers or Senior Carers for visas.

11 March 2024 Spouses and children will no longer qualify as dependants under the Skilled Worker visa, if the main applicant holds a Carer or Senior Carer role.

14 March 2024 New Immigration Rules will be implemented on 4 April 2024 to put into effect reforms to the Skilled Worker and Partner visa routes.

APRIL 2024

4 April 2024 Significant changes to the Skilled Worker visa route take effect, including:

  • Raising the general minimum salary threshold from £26,200 to £38,700.
  • Revisions to established salary levels for specific occupations.
  • Eliminating the 20% salary discount for shortage occupations.
  • Replacing the Shortage Occupation List with a new Immigration Salary List.

6 April 2024 Sponsors of workers whose licence expiration dates fall on or after this date do not need to renew their licences, as they will no longer have an expiry date. The Home Office has directly notified sponsors of this change on the Sponsor Management System.

11 April 2024 Minimum income requirement for five-year Partner route applicants to be raised from £18,600 to £29,000, and marginal income requirement for child dependants to be removed.

Between Mid to Late 2024

  • The Migration Advisory Committee will conduct a comprehensive review of the new Immigration Salary List, with amendments to be made based on the review’s findings.
  • The minimum income requirement for applicants under the 5-year Partner route will increase from £29,000 to £34,500.End of 2024: Electronic Travel Authorisations  implemented for all non-visa nationals

31 December 2024: Physical immigration documents such as Biometric Residence Permits, Biometric Residence Cards, and other paper certificates will be replaced by e-documents. After this date, holders will need to set up a UKVI online account to verify their status digitally.

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