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Applying For Leave To Remain (Online Course)

What is covered?

Applying for leave to remain is becoming an ever scarier process. The Home Office continues to invent new ways of rejecting, voiding and invalidating applications, such that the process of getting a substantive decision has become a minefield. And with the government’s ‘increasingly hostile environment’ now in full play, innocent mistakes by advisors can pitch their client headlong into disaster.

In this course, we will look at issues concerning the validity and timing of applications and further applications, including recent changes to section 3C leave, the new paragraph 39E, variation of applications, and how all this weaves together with administrative reviews and appeals. We will show you how to get through the minefield intact, ensuring your applications are never again rejected, voided or invalidated, and provide you with a full set of tools to protect your client’s leave when applying to extend.

Prepared and presented by immigration expert Julian Bild, this online training course has been developed from our public training. eBook included, produced May 2017

Course Extract:

Situations where 3C does not apply
Confirming 3C leave


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