UK Government delivers on pledge to bring 1000 Syrian Refugees to the UK

David Cameron recently promised that, by Christmas 2015, he would aim to resettle 1000 refugees here in the UK. This would include providing housing, healthcare, and education for those in jeopardy. Around 1000 Syrian refugees have now entered the UK under the governments promise to resettle the most vulnerable and at risk people from the many camps scattered around Syria.

At the Prime Minister’s Questions, David Cameron told the Commons:

“I said that Britain would do its duty and with these thousand we have made a very good start.”

On Tuesday, two planes carrying refugees landed in Stansted and Belfast, another flight is expected on Wednesday. With these three carriers, the prime minister will have just met his pledge to resettle 1000 refugees before Christmas. David Cameron had this to say upon reaching the promised target of resettlement:

“Britain is doing its moral duty in terms of funding the refugees and the refugee camps. I made a promise that we would resettle a 1,000 Syrians by Christmas and I can confirm today that we have met our commitment.

Upon hearing the news, the Refugee Council’s head of advocacy Lisa Doyle was delighted by the announcement, and stated that the refugees have had their lives “transformed, if not saved” by the UK resettlement scheme. In company with the VPR (Vulnerable Persons Relocation) scheme, the UK has also granted asylum or other forms of protection to over a thousand Syrian refugees.

The UK government has said it will aim to permit 20,000 Syrian refugees to settle in the UK over the next 5 years. This however is a much lower promise in comparison to countries such as Germany, who have promised to take in over a million this coming year alone. The government has confirmed that it will prioritize refugee cases of those who are at the highest risk, this will include anyone seeking refuge that may be discriminated against due to their gender, religious belief, or sexual orientation. The USA and Canada have also recently confirmed plans to take in more refugees that are in a more vulnerable position due to minority circumstances.

Do you have any thoughts on the governments position on Syrian refugees?

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17th December 2015

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